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The Institute of Technology and Engineering was established in 1983.It is the outcome of the new dynamic educational policy formulated by the Government of Maharashtra, under the leadership of the late Chief Minister Vasantaraodada Patil to open engineering colleges and polytechnics on non–grant basis.

With the tremendous efforts of Hon’ble Shri Sharadchandraji Pawar, in bringing the continuous stream of technical knowledge to the rural area, our Institute is functioning successfully. The Institute now serves not only the purpose of making available the technical education to the students from rural area but also strives to open new avenues of employment in the rural sector.

The Institute conducts three-year full time diploma courses in engineering and technology of the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-51.

Aims and objectives :

  • Impart technical education to create able & competent engineers
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • All round personality development
  • Training & placement in prominent corporate
  • Institute-Industry interaction
  • Consultancy services
  • Interaction with Alumni association

Commitment :

To contribute to the national goal of upliftment of the society through Science and Technology.


Empowerment of rural segment of the society through dynamic and Innovative Technical Education.


To cater the need of the society and the Industry as a whole by providing able and competent Engineers, technocarts, who are educated with high values in technical education, trained with latest skills and practical knowledge, nurtured and cultured with moral ethics to shoulder the responsibilities and challenges of coming years.


Our aim is to open all portals of prosperity and stability to the learners. Then only, one can aim the complete development of the society. We further try our best to allot equal opportunities to all so that one could prove their excellence and seek out greater chances to prove themselves.

Long Term Goals :

  • To establish center of excellence in technical education
  • To get institute accredited by NBA.
  • To provide Qualitative technical man power to the industry
  • Academic development of the Institute
  • To get academic autonomy to the Institute

Short Term Goals:

  • Demonstrating outstand results
  • All round personality development of the students
  • Effective implementation of teaching learning process
  • Workshops on technical themes
  • Industry Institute interaction
  • Strengthen technical linkages with alumni
  • Accelerating testing and consultancy activities
  • Training for faculty members and students
  • Enhance placement activity and training to the students
  • Retention of experienced faculty


  • The student should strictly obey instructions given by the Principal and faculty members from time to time.
  • The student should be regular in attendance and attendance for the day shall be marked only when he /she is present for all the sessions during the day. Defaulters will be strictly dealt with as per existing rules of MSBTE Mumbai.
  • The student should carry Identity card with him/her regularly and it should be produced whenever demanded by authorities.
  • The attendance for test and Tutorials conducted in college is compulsory.
  • Student found guilty an act of misconduct either in college or outsideshall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and liable to be expelled from college.
  • The student should not cause any damage to the college property, if found the same will be compensated by student immediately.
  • The student should required to submit the assignments,failing which he/she shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action.
  • Student showing consistently poor performance in Test and Tutorials and failing internal evaluation of subject, shall not be permitted to appear for the Examination conducted by MSBTE, Mumbai.
  • The student fails to show their minimum 75% attendance for theory and 100% practical session shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and shall not be permitted to appear for the Examination conducted by MSBTE, Mumbai.
  • Smoking, drinking (alcoholics) and 'drugs' is strictly prohibited
  • Swimming in nearby water canal/water wells is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of Mobile is strictly prohibited in Institute campus.
  • In case, if student want to remain absent for some reason, he / she will be required to take prior permission of principal, but it will be for limited period.
  • Student must attend social and national programs organized by Institute.
  • The Student must wear prescribed dress code/uniform in the Institute and apron during practical.
  • Student is expected to read the notice board of Institute every day.
  • No students will be allowed to appear MSBTE Examination unless he / she complete journals and keep term satisfactorily.
  • If any student found disobeying prescribed rules and discipline shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and may expelled from Institute.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of Institute/department/classroom as well as public transport. Any individuals or group of individuals to indulge in an act or practice of ragging constitutes gross in discipline and such individual/group shall be dealt with as per ordinance This includes individuals or collective act or practices that involve physical assault or threat of use of physical force which violet the status, dignity of any student
  • At the time of admission the undertaking regarding prohibition of ragging is to be duly signed by the candidate and parents/guardian is to be taken in the prescribed format of All India Council for Technical Education regulations.
  • In order to prevent such activity anti-ragging committee, anti-ragging squad is formulated and brought in to operation at the start of first year classes by the principal.